Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine Box Office

"Doing anything later tonight?"

The three new arrivals to your neighborhood AMC have bumped Kate and Matt down three notches.

Fool's Gold took a 50% hit Friday as Jumper, Step Up 2 the Streets and The Spiderwick Chronicles shoved past it to 1st, 2nd and 3rd on YMHP*

Meanwhile, the almost-gone Alvin and the Cees reached $210,460,191 on its 64th day of release ...

Update: The weekend finals were hardly surprising. Jumper, despite near-universal pans, ended with $27,225,000. Step Up 2 the Street and Spiderwick Chronicles came in 2 and 3, and both at the $19 mill opening weekend level.

Among animation in the marketplace, Alvin is at #19 and dragging $211.3 million in bullion behind him; Persepolis stands at #24 with a $2.9 million total, and the hapless Pirates Who Don't do Anything resides at the 28th domicile with a cume of $12.1 million.

* Your Movie Hit Parade


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