Friday, February 15, 2008

Behind the Scenes of the WGA Strike

I've already credited the WGA with pulling off a credible strike and new agreement. The Artful Writer has good information about what was going on back channel over the recent 101 days of the Writers Guild job action:

One of the stranger moments to occur in the waning days of the strike was a reference by John Bowman to the “Dirty Thirty.” The urban myth says that a meeting took place, awful things were threatened, but the Guild stood firm!

It sounded fishy to me when I first heard about it, because, well, it sounded fishy.

Howard Michael Gould, a member of [the WGA's] Negotiating Committee, sets the record straight, and does so importantly ....

Reading Gould's insider report, it confirms a lot of things I thought might be going on at the time.

What's interesting (amazing?) to me is how many studio and union people I bumped into over the last few months who were wrong about how events were unfolding ... and how the strike and negotiations would ultimately play out.


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