Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Box Office List

Friday's numbers roll in about where expected.

Fool's Gold, despite wretched reviews, sails to the top with $7,650,000 ..

Hanna Montana falls to #3 -- displaced by Matt, Kate and Martin Lawrence -- but the little lady has by far the tallest per-screen average: $4,148.

On the animation front, Alvin has fallen to #19 on the Hit Parade, but look at its domestic cume! $208.4 million! Not at all shabby!

Update: As the weekend wraps, the new releases end about where the parent studios expect:

The lacklustre Fool's Gold breaks through the $20 million barrier with $22 million (until the optimism is revised downward on Monday); Roscoe Jenkins is #2 with $17,127,000 ... and a higher per-screen average.

Among the other top ten, There Will Be Blood, Juno and The Bucket List drop the least, the vivacious Hannah Montana the most.


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