Thursday, February 28, 2008

Over at Starz

I spent a chunk of the afternoon at Starz Media. As of last week, somewhere around 75% of the Simpsons crew was on furlough. But there's some good news ...

On Monday, fourteen Simpsons artists were rehired because the pipeline is slowly refilling and (I'm told) that Fox is intent on getting rewritten scripts recorded before a possible actors' strike in July.

A number of partially-completed shows are being earmarked for next season. Though nobody is certain there's going to be a next season, an artist said to me:

"I hear that they're budgeting for 22 new episodes for next year. And there's talk that Fox is going to make two more Simpsons features back to back."

Of course, there might be the small issue of re-signing the voice actors for additional seasons ... as well as extra features beyond the one to which they're reputedly commited.


Ruben Chavez said...

When I was working on the first feature, the word was that the actors already recorded script for the next feature.

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