Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Teacup Tempest

Since the thread is getting long, let me put up this from below:

I am not suggesting that you used your studio connections to reveal any new or inside information. I am saying that your studio connections give credence to what previously were just internet rumors and speculation. No one is going to believe what they read on, but they are going to believe you.

Well ...maybe, maybe not.

But let me do (even though most people could give a care) a quick chronology here:

Way back at the dawn of time -- the beginning of the week -- I was casting around for something to post and thought: "Ah. I haven't done a 'What's Going On Around Town' piece in a while, so why not one now?"

We've been doing these things in pretty much the same way for decades. I call around, collect information, write it up. publish it.


In this case, I followed standard procedures. I called around, collected info, typed it into the computer. In all the years I've been doing the "Around Town" thing, the biggest complaints I've gotten is when somebody's left out. My contacts for Disney didn't think it was a problem or big deal with the development titles they gave me, and neither did I. They were all out there already. And I typed them in and went on building the post.

My larger focus, to tell the truth, was getting stuff from some of the smaller houses. Took me awhile to collect some of the information. Then I hit the "Publish".

Now. I censor myself a lot. This site isn't Gossip Central, it focuses on animation and labor (just look at the header). I have said to various studios ... including Disney ... that, if something bothers you or is, in your opinion, over the line, call me.

I'll be honest here. Over the last two years I've gotten a few calls from studios about posts; each time I've addressed them. But I've never gotten a call from Disney.

And just so we're clear, I'm happy to address any issue any person or studio has. It's just, you know, difficult to address issues from an anonymous troll. Especially when you are vague in your own mind about what all the hoo-hah is.

Addendum: Oh Gawd, the deluge has begun. I've now received this e-mail from a retired, millionaire movie-animation producer with the header, You're a Bad Boy:

Shame on you for blogging those critical, eyes-only, copyright forever WDC, secret development projects to the people who make them.

All I can say is I'm sorry. Really, really sorry.


Floyd Norman said...

Big Whoop dee doo over cartoon making!

In the old days, we could walk into studios. Today, some are built like bunkers. Security guards, electronic key cards, ect. Some studios guard development better than the CIA protects national secrets.

Now, Steve gets hammered for simply telling the membership what's going on around town.

Anonymous said...

If you're a fan of Disney animation, just pray this guy crying about 'leaks" isn't going to bring his "stick-in-the-mud talents anywhere near these projects.

FYI - I knew about 'Joe Jump' well over a year ago...and I don't work for a matter of fact, it kicked a project I had in development, out of development, because of similarities...wish someone had "leaked" it sooner!

Ruben Chavez said...

For what it's worth, this "anonymous troll" is essentially harmless. He or she is trying to push their weight around trying to tell you what you should and should not post. Yeah right! like that's going to happen!!

Just keep on posting as you've done in the past Steve. The news and "rumors" will continue to surface from all the studios including "Disney", and there is absolutely nothing this "troll" can do to stop it.

If the information comes to your ears and to this blog, then essentially it is hearsay,until it is confirmed by press release or official announcement. I know that. we all know that, tis the nature of the business.

Anonymous said...

Jeezum Pete, the ONLY way I hear what work we have in house is to hear about it from some outside source. Studio management wont say "Poo" until the ink is dried on some contract up in Legal. The Rumor Mill is what keeps us in the know - keep grinding away Steve.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had met some anal retentive peeps at Disney...I see it hasnt changed. LOL!

its cartoons, not nuclear weapons!


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