Friday, April 04, 2008

A job listing from DreamWorks

When U.S. studios wish to import an animator, technical director or other worker from overseas under an H1-B immigration visa, they need to insure that there is nobody in the domestic talent pool available.

Since we've been sent the job posting below from DreamWorks Animation, we thought it would be beneficial for all concerned to let qualified citizens have a shot at the job. (You'll find the criteria for the DreamWorks position after the break.) ...

TITLE: Lighter(s) (Job Code SC08)


For feature length animated films, responsible for lighting and compositing shots to maintain continuity of a sequence and fulfill the vision of the Directors, Production Designer, Art Director and VFX Supervisor, while meeting the production schedule. Ensure quality of final frames and cleanliness of setups. Checks for continuity problems in shots within the sequence. Optimizes shots for rendering. Manages image files and associated disk space. Maintain current versions of movie files and OMFs. Works with Production Supervisor and CG Supervisor to to meet sequence schedule milestones. Collaborates with other departments such as Layout, Modeling, Surfacing, Matte Painting and Effects.


Bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Arts, Computer Graphic Design, or closely related field.

** Employer will accept 2 years experience in job offered or related field in lieu of degree.

REQUIRED SKILLS: Experience with rendering, lighting and compositing; graphics software.

JOB SITE: DreamWorks Animation, LLC 1000 Flower Street Glendale, CA 91201 40 hours/week; $104,000 per year (see update below)

If offered employment must have legal right to work in U.S. EOE

CONTACT: Send resumes to: DreamWorks Animation, LLC Attn: Recruiting -- Lighter, Job Code SC08 1000 Flower Street Glendale, CA 91201 (818) 695-5000 jobs: (818) 695-6080 -- Must reference job code when applying

UPDATE as of 5/8/2008: DreamWorks has informed us that the salary of $104,000 is based upon a fifty-hour week (not forty hours).


Anonymous said...

got any more?

Steve Hulett said...

We put them up as we get them (particularly H1-B job listings).

Many others we send out to TAG members on our e-mail list. (No point in placing them here, since people in London or Moscow probably can't start work in L.A. next Monday.)

Anonymous said...

If you want more job listings, try

It has quite a few listings over at Dreamworks

Anonymous said...

What? Lighter w/ 2 years of experience is getting over 100k at Dreamworks? Am I getting screwed at my current position or is this is higher than normal? I have 6 years of experience and am not even making another big studio.

Anonymous said...

dang thats pretty good moolah...wish they'd post the amount they are paying for positions on their site or creative heads.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Dreamworks Lighters work for 50 hrs/week.

Anonymous said...

At 50 hrs/week this is $36.36 per hour with 40 straight time and 10 pre-paid hrs OT
Isnt this the Union journeyman scale ?

Jeff Massie said...

As of 5/7/2008, DreamWorks has informed us that the job is based on a fifty-hour week (not forty as they indicated in the H1-B listing).

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