Saturday, April 26, 2008

Warner Animation Prez Steps Down

I got word of this today from a Warners person:

Lisa Judson is exiting as head of Warner Bros. Animation after only 10 months in the position, with her responsibilities to be consolidated under Warner Bros. Television prexy Peter Roth.

Studio confirmed the shift, saying Judson intended to return to New York, from which she relocated to take the job. The gig had represented a significant leap for Judson, who prior to Warner Bros. served as senior VP of marketing at AOL. Before that she worked for Nickelodeon.

People tell me she leaseded a house, put her daughter in school, did the whole shift-to-new-coast deal. I kind of believe that there are some major changes going on inside animation at Warners.

I've never figured out why Time-Warner has had such trouble over the last few years getting its animation ducks in a row. I mean, they've got Cartoon Network, they have now (at last) achieved some success with animated features, so why can't they get the different parts to work together and create some, you know, Syn-er-gy?

Here's hoping Lisa Judson finds her happiness with the next assignment. And here's really hoping that Warner Bros. Animation gets some traction again. Having another major employer come back to full life would be good for the whole community.


C.M.B. said...

As one of the editors at DC's manga division CMX said, "Synergy is outlawed at Time Warner."

Anonymous said...

She screwed up something BAD to be let go after less than a year.

Can't say it'll be a big loss for Warners. Hell, no one will notice.

Anonymous said...

Lisa who?

I'm serious, I worked for Warners for four months last year and I never heard of this woman.

Which tells you something right there.

Anonymous said...

I was at the big outdoor staff meeting when she was introduced back last summer..and she's already leaving?

She may not have screwed up...this may have been planned from the start. She may have been a pawn in some bigger game, who knows.

Thing is, with the naming of the new VP (according to one of the latest posts here)..what is this all about? There's barely a gasp of animation going on at WB can someone "ink" a multi project development deal? I thought WB was going to buy all their content from 4KidsEntertainment or something.


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