Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Negotiations --- Day Two

The thing to know about most big-time entertainment union - entertainment conglomerate negotiations is, there's a lot of waiting around in the caucus rooms ....

The way it works is, the players (i.e. top union officials, pension-health fund trustees, etc.) go into side-bar after a (usually) short and perfunctory meeting of everyone on both sides of the table in the BIG conference room.

These negotiations are running true to form. Big meeting ... followed by a caucus ... followed by side-bars (with everyone not in the side-bars cooling their heels in one of the caucus rooms).

Then, with side-bars concluded, everybody meets again in the big room where the leaders give a short summation of "where we are." And then its back to waiting as more side-bars happen.

In other words, a thrill a minute.

There's been a lot of slogging through financial minutia as regards the wage and benefit proposals, there's also the "new media" issues. The I.A. leadership has been very good updating all the locals about general progress and "where we are" in the contract talks.

Another round of negotiations happen tomorrow starting at 9:30. Perhaps by the end of Wednesday there will be triumphant press releases issued.

One can hope, anyway.


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