Monday, April 07, 2008

Over at Film Roman ...

... some Yellow Family staffers' nerves are on edge.

Since I didn't have to be sitting in negotiation this afternoon, I drove over to the Starz Media/Film Roman facility, where I discovered (via the employees) that Fox and the six voice actors on The Simpsons are deep in talks for a renewal of contracts. And that all parties, according to the artists, have imposed a news blackout.

Which makes the artists a bit anxious.

"We sort of assumed they'd reach a deal, but since they haven't, we don't know what's up. And nobody else around here has much of an idea about what's going on, either."

Added to that, Fox has a number of shows from the current Simpsons season it plans to hold over to the next, so there might not be a full season (22 episodes) order next time around.

Assuming there is a next time around.

Small wonder that artists came up to me and said: "So. What other animation projects are going on around town?"


Larry Levine said...

Hope I'm wrong but I think the negotiations will focus on future Simpsons movies at the exspense of the TV show.

Anonymous said...

I work on King of the Hill at Film Roman/Starz.

We were told we got picked up for 17 episodes. Yet, Hollywood Reporter, Variety and the press release said 13 episodes for the 13th season.

Does anyone know how many? 13 or 17?

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's supervising King of the Hill now that Wes Archer jumped ship to supervise Goode Family?

Anonymous said...

I'm on KOTH too and was wondering the same thing-- I spoke to one of my pals who happens to be an A.D. on the show-- He said that as far as he knows it's still 17 episodes for KOTH-- The show slated for 13 is the 'Goode Family'-- Mike Judge's new show-- also being done at Starz.
He (the A.D.) I spoke to, was only laid off a short time before getting a start date.. he's going back in a few weeks to start season 13..
As for Wes-- Not sure-- I hope he doesn't leave KOTH-- hehe-- maybe he can work on both shows!;)

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