Thursday, November 13, 2008

At El Disney Animation Studio

An afternoon jaunt through Disney's hat building put me smack dab in the middle of a company press roll-out for Bolt.

Outside the front entrance, there were civilians rolling around in a big plastic ball and Disney staffers giving interviews ...

Inside there were lots of tables and food ... and more Disney staffers giving interviews. A corporate person told me:

"We're going to have press rolling through here for the next few days ..."

Work continues apace on Princess and the Frog, the same as before. An artist informed me:

"Management's talked about people doing a 45-hour week, and of course our supervisors have shifted to on-call. They say 'Hey, it's better than the 50-hour weeks at Pixar."

How accurate this information is about the work-week in Emeryville, I have no way of knowing. I post it here for entertainment (educational?) purposes only ...


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Have you heard if they're going to keep the Glen Keane designs for Rapunzel now that he's off as director like they did with Bolt? I hope not, as I love what Glen was planning on doing.

What say the animators about Frog?

Steve Hulett said...

Most say they like it.

Anonymous said...

Assured that Rapunzel will be a wonderful screenplay with BOLT team, and full of innovative techniques (the hair of humans or perfects humans) that will surprise us in 2010.

I hope that Rapunzel will be too dramatic and romantic... but not with humor (Dreamworks style).

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... how can Disney consider moving people to a 45-hour after they've already been brought in on a 40? And could they conceivably lay people off who refuse to switch to a mandatory 45?

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