Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Vote

Even with a line out the door at ten minutes of seven, it only took me about fifteen minutes to vote.

Go to your patriotic duty. Cast a ballot.

This constitutes my second political post, but this time I'm not advocating who should get your nod.

Mark Bob Barr's bubble if you want to. Just VOTE.


Anonymous said...

"Mark Bob Barr's bubble if you want to. Just VOTE."

Or, heck, why not a good union man like Ralph Nader?

Anonymous said...

Nader it is!

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Bob Parr if I could. I bet he'd make an Incredible president.

Steve Hulett said...

And his big brother Jack, had he lived, would have been so proud.

Anonymous said...

Dang, you lost me there...I was making an animation joke...

You know, Bob Parr vs Bob Barr...."Incredible" president...


Floyd Norman said...

I did inbetweens for Jack Parr when he worked at Disney.

He didn't appear to have any political ambitions, however.

Anonymous said...


Historic. Our nation's first awesomely hip president!

And most important--

America's long national nightmare is finally over (or will be in a mere couple months...)

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama wins...and America loses.

Oh well, we survived Jimmy Carter...trouble is, do we have another Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, throw yourself a pity party. I laugh with glee at your despair.

You people had a long time to make your case for improving America, and you did nothing but make it far, far worse. You conservative filth have defiled America, and thank god an adult is coming to clean up your rank, smoldering mess.

The Bush Administration has been the David Staintons of America--underserved pretenders to the throne, incompetent and without any care or understanding of the entity they've claimed to lead. Their every effort has resulted in a further stain and diminishment of our country.

Obama is coming to bring some much-needed honor and dignity to the office of the Presidency. Leave it to Bush Jr. to make Carter look like a strong and great leader by comparison. Watch, observe, and learn how real leaders inspire courage, greatness, and accomplishment.

That sinking feeling in your stomach is the total, overwhelming loss you and your discredited ideology have collapsed into.

Anonymous said...

"Historic. Our nation's first awesomely hip president "


I thought that was the sax playing cigar smokin' man from Hope ?

So, ol' Bill wasn't in fact the "first black president of the U.S." ?

Thanks for clearing that up.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about the world peace he'll bring. And then for Iran to take out Israel as we stand back and watch.

Anonymous said...

Don't be an idiot. Israel wanted Obama as much as we did.
I'm guessinmg we will see a lot less antagonistic than before and more diplomacy in the Middle East

Anonymous said...

Israel will stand up for itself if the new Prexy elect doesn't. It already took some action this morning.

Anonymous said...

So, conservatives, let me see if I can sum up your postition......


Idiots. Israel has nuclear weapons. They have, by far, the (vastly) most powerful military in the Middle East, and they aren't afraid to use it. Obama has said repeatedly that he strongly supports Israel. The only way you couldn't have understood that is if you willfully just don't want to hear it.

Israel will be just fine. The Republican Party? Not so much.

Btw, Clinton was our first hip president. Obama is our first awesomely hip president.

Anonymous said...

>>Historic. Our nation's first awesomely hip president!<<

Hah. That's exactly what this country needs. All our problems are fixed cause he is "hip"!

>>America's long national nightmare is finally over (or will be in a mere couple months...)<<

He hasn't even stepped into office and he has solved all of our problems? You do know he has to find money for all these programs and get the support of people in washington. Oh wait, he is hip, it is all solved already.

I hope he can change this country for the good. But don't get too excited. He hasn't done anything yet.

Anonymous said...

"I'm guessinmg we will see a lot less antagonistic than before and more diplomacy in the Middle East"

Yea, after a few thousand years of fighting the magic powers of Change will fix that.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions right now.

I am glad Obama won tonight. We need him. I am glad voters across the country protected women's rights. We need them. I'm also happy that Connecticut kept discrimination out of its state constitution.

My joy is tempered with sadness, though, at anti-gay measures passed in Arkansas, Florida, Arizona, and (possibly) California. As a heterosexual woman married to a heterosexual man, I don't see why I should get superior legal status and adoption rights over an equally devoted gay couple.

Steve Hulett said...

Uh ... Obama won't be inaugurated for months yet.

He hasn't yet succeeded or failed at anything. Come back in a year (or two) and we'll see how things are going.

I think he'll have a one to two year window to enact his agenda, after which, the country will cogitate and start making a decision about how he's doing.

It's called "off year election" 2010.

Steve Hulett said...

Adding, I believe Obama will rule from center-left.

Several Republicans in his cabinet. Rahm Emanuel (now a congressional leader) has agreed to be Barack's Chief of Staff.

Obama will work to draw some Republicans into the big tent, concede small stuff to get big stuff, make use of his oratory, work to get most of the population on his side.

Look at the demographics. Look at Obama's margins with different groups. Big Latino vote, big black vote, slightly narrower white vote.

With the demographic makeup of the country, that's a viable ruling coalition. The Tom Tancredos of the world are going to have to learn to deal with it.

The GOP can get traction moving forward, but not by demonizing minorities and immigrants. The California GOP has been a nonentity electorally since the moment it tacked hard right and bashed Latinos.

Not a winning strategy.

Anonymous said...

The US should concentrate on domestic issues first. Why should the US concern itself with Israel?

Just because they call themselves 'the chosen ones'?!?

What does Israel do for the benefit of rest of the world that we all should be so concerned with it's future? I certainly don't wish any harm upon Israel, or any of it's neighbors, but, my first concern is for my country. Period!

Anonymous said...

welcome to the Obamanation.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the Obamanation.

Glad to be here.

Been a hell of a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the Obamanation.

Sore Loserman

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