Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At the Mall

Because the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers headquarters is cheek by jowl to Imagi Animation in the fabled Sherman Oaks Galleria, I took the opportunity to bop over there during an afternoon break. (Multi-tasking, that's me.)

As I went into Imagi, two story artists were coming out with pleased looks on their faces. One of them said:

"We had a new screening for Gatchaman an hour ago, and the picture has really come together in a good way. For a long time it seemed to be two separate films, but now it forms a seamless whole. We've got some notes, but everybody agrees that it works, and works well. It knows what it wants to be."

The rest of the story crew I talked to feels pretty much the same way about the quality of the picture.

And what about the other features happening at Imagi? I got to see some impressive scenes for Astroboy on various computer screens, and Tusker (late of DreamWorks) is now on Imagi's plate. As one artist remarked: "We're getting a big DreamWorks contingent around here ..."

And as for those AMPTP-IATSE negotiations, there's a blackout on the talks, but the lunchtime bunji-jumping competition in the Alliance's three-story lobby was a hoot.

Thank God I was wearing a helmet when my turn came.


Anonymous said...

Why did no one think to cut Nick Counter's cord?

Another missed opportunity ...

Anonymous said...

I bet Dreamworks isn't too thrilled about Tusker's resurgence.

Anonymous said...

You lose that bet.

Anonymous said...

And that Dreamworks contingent is what killed that studio. Way to go geniuses.

Anonymous said...

"And that Dreamworks contingent is what killed that studio. Way to go geniuses."

What? Who/WTF are you talking about?

People from Dreamworks "killed" Imagi?? Huh? Jeez, sour grapes by the bushel. Are you perhaps mourning the fall of the pure, original, crummy version of Gotchaman? LOL!

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