Saturday, November 15, 2008

Autumn B.O.

Now with low calorie Add On.

Madagascar 2 has a Friday to Friday drop of 50% as Mr. Shaken-Not Stirred enters the b.o. competition and enjoys a $27 million Friday, sucking a lot of the oxygen out of the air (unsurprising, since it's had big paydays everywhere else it's opened ...)

Still in all, Madagascar is closing on the century mark ($100k) after one week in theatres. Using the Koch Box Office Calculator, we can estimate the flick will likely land in the $200 million range when all is said and done. (This assumes that Bolt doesn't hammer next week's grosses.) B.O Moja had this to say about Madagascar's weekend #1:

Comprising five and a half percent of Escape 2 Africa's weekend was an IMAX gross of $3.5 million at 129 venues, ranking as the format's top animation debut. By comparison, Kung Fu Panda nabbed $2.2 million at 90 venues on its opening weekend, or less than four percent of its overall start. Panda's IMAX haul ultimately reached $13 million, accounting for six percent of its $215 million total gross. Producer DreamWorks Animation's exit polling on Friday and Saturday suggested that 51 percent of Escape 2 Africa's audience was over 25 years old and 60 percent was female, while half of Friday's and a two thirds of Saturday's moviegoers were classified as "family."

Add On: Madagascar Deux has the third lowest decline of flicks in the weekend's Top Ten, collects $36,000,000 additiona dollars, and now has a cume of $118 million.

And Mr. Bond, to nobody's surprise, surpasses the zoo menagerie's take of the previous weekend by $7 million. The holiday season is indeed upon us. (Next week we see how Disney's small, feisty white dog performs.)


Anonymous said...

predicting is always fun...I say 'Bolt' makes about $35 M.


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