Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our new building, from the outside

Click the thumbnails for larger images

Progress is being made over at 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, where we hope to be moving in the spring of 2009.

Here's the main entrance, with the art gallery to the left.

This newly built enclosure (left) will hold the main stairway from the lobby to the second floor auditorium. Directly below the auditorium will be the Guild offices.

(right) The entrance to the main lobby from the south parking lot, above which is a newly installed skylight.

The exterior of the art gallery (left), adjacent to the main lobby at the southeast corner of the building.

And here's the inside of the art gallery space (right), which we plan to use for member art shows, historical exhibits, etc.

Tomorrow, some more views of the inside of the building.


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