Friday, November 21, 2008

On the inside of our new building

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Yesterday we showed you how the outside of our new headquarters in Burbank is shaping up.

This is taken from the future site of the lobby, in the general direction of what will be Marta Strohl and Jeff Massie's offices. The reception desk will be at the left.

(Right) Facing west from the main lobby, the hallway towards the classrooms, the life drawing room and the computer lab.

(Left) Facing towards the main entrance and the art gallery.

At right, the area where the main stairway from the lobby to the second floor will be installed (The interior wall used to be the exterior wall, as earlier photos here show.)

At left, facing southeast from the back of the second-floor auditorium, towards the stairway landing and elevator lobby.

If all goes as scheduled, the building should be ready for occupancy by the spring of 2009.


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