Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disney Comments Answered

And now I answer yesterday's thread questions because, at the moment, I can't think of anything better to do:

... [M]ore Prep and Landing!!! Great characters, great story and the best made for TV 3D animation I've ever seen.

PandL was an original story idea from a Disney staffer (the title for which was provided by somebody else), which originally began life as a short, and then expanded.

The Disney artists I talked to expressed semi-amused annoyance that various reviewers praised it as a "terrific Pixar project." Except, truth be told, it wasn't from Pixar ...

Wow, only 60% in production so far on Rapunzel? They're kinda pushing it, aren't they?.

They're always pushing it. Several folks told me that the company will hire more animators going forward. My thought was: They'll sort of have to if they want to make the release date. But as one wise old story person said: "They'll make it. They always do."

Is there any truth to Disney changing Rapunzel's title?

I've heard buzz that this is the plan. But nobody in a corner office has told me so. (You'll recall that, once upon a previous studio regime, the feature was titled Rapunzel Unbraided.

Does anybody know if they are going to use vendors again for the Pooh feature , like they did on TPatF?

I think you can consider it a dead-bang certainty, since the WtP budget is a lot lower than The Princess and the Frog* (Staff told me it was $35 million.)

* This got answered while I was crafting my post. Undeterred, I put it up the answer anyway.


Floyd Norman said...

Is Bill Hanna running Disney now?

That's where I got my title, "Faster, Cheaper." Looks like Disney's adopted it as well.

Anonymous said...

Will the animation of Rapunzel be more expensive?

Hannah Barbontana said...

If Prep & Landing was fast and cheap, give me more fast and cheap!

I thought the animation was great and the story was top notch. If only the theatrical releases were as good.

I want the directors of that special to direct a feature. They're the ones also responsible for the new Goofy short which I loved as well. If their Nessie short is as great then Lasseter needs to put them on something pronto!

Thanks for the news about the sequels to P&L, Steve!

ehh123 said...

"use vendors again for the Pooh feature"
What are vendors?

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