Saturday, January 16, 2010

Farewell, Jack: part 5

Above from artist Bill Higgins.

Floyd Norman calls Jack Fergus a "gentle giant". When Fergus left Disney's feature department to work with Blaine Gibson in Imagineering, he and Gibson worked on a huge mermaid sculpture for Disneyland. When the moving crew dropped the sculpture and shattered it, Gibson and Fergus laughed it off: "We never liked it anyway". (from Jim Hill Media)

More from the book his fellow assistants presented Fergus when he left Feature Animation. Below, Al White's self-portrait next to Bing Crosby.


Anonymous said...

That's Al Wade's self portrait! The unofficial son of Der Bingle.
May he RIP!

Does anyone know when he passed away and where he was buried? I would like to send flowers or something. He was a good friend-an odd ball for sure, but a really nice guy.

Jeff Massie said...

My bad.

I knew Allen. Don't know where's buried, but when I'm back in the office on Monday I can look up the date he died.

Anonymous said...

Al Wade died in 1990 according to this post on the TAG blog on Nov. 18, 2006 --

Allen Wade

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