Friday, January 01, 2010

DWA Bomb Scare

I'm so old I can remember when every car was being checked driving in and out of studios, including DreamWorks, right after September 11, 2001. Now the local press has reported this:

Dreamworks Animation employees were allowed back to work Wednesday more than two hours after a suspicious package turned out to be a gift from overseas, police said.

Bomb investigators opened the package and discovered a gift intended for someone at the studio, Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

“It was not a bomb,” he said. “It was not a practical joke.”

Soon after discovering the package was not a threat, about 40 Dreamworks employees who had to stand outside in the rain were allowed to enter the building on Flower Street and Grandview Avenue.

They had been evacuated from the campus after Dreamworks security officials received a cardboard box at their loading dock, Lorenz said ....

After the underwear bomber, many seem to be on edge.

I was not out and about to studios this week. Because of the holiday lull, I stayed in the office, doing office-type things.

From past experience, DreamWorks Animation would be a ghost cartoon studio between Christmas and New Year's. The article pretty much confirms this. There were only forty people on the sidewalk. Most other times of the year there would be hundreds and hundreds.

But it's nice to know the package was just a package and nobody was hurt. The company has a lot of construction going on, so I'm sure somebody got nervous.


Anonymous said...

There were only 40 on the sidewalk because they told everyone the could go home if they wanted. So most did.

Anonymous said...

No one has ever sent a package to Dreamworks before?

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