Friday, January 01, 2010

The First 2010 Derby

Now with tasty, low-fat Add On.

The Nikkster reports New Year's Eve box office numbers to a breathless world.

1. AVATAR (Fox) [3,456 runs] Week 2 Wed $18.5M (+1), Thurs $14.9M (-19%), Cume $283.8

2. ALVIN SQUEAKQUEL (Fox) [3,700] Week 2 Wed $11.8M (-6%), Thurs $8.7M (-26%), Cume $120.7M

3. SHERLOCK HOLMES (Warner Bros) [3,626] Week 1 Wed $9.7M (-5%), Thurs $8.7M (-10%), Cume $102.3M

4. IT'S COMPLICATED (Warner Bros) [2,887] Week 1 Wed $4.4M (+3%), Thurs $5.3M (+22%), Cume $40.3M

5. THE BLIND SIDE (Warner Bros) [2,766] Week 7 Wed $3M (+2%), Thurs $3.4M (+13%), Cume $196.4M

6. UP IN THE AIR (Paramount) [1,895] Week 5 Wed $2.3M (+3%), Thurs $2.8M (+23%), Cume $33.6M

7. PRINCESS & THE FROG (Disney) [3,475] Week 6 Wed $3.3M (-1%), Thurs $2.6M (-21%), Cume $76M

8. MORGANS? (Sony) [2,718] Week 3 Wed $1.2M (-1%), Thurs $1.3M (+8%), Cume $20.4M

9. INVICTUS (Warner Bros) [2,160] Week 3 Wed $895K (+3%), Thurs $988K (+10%), Cume $44.6M

10. NINE (The Weinstein Co) [1,412] Week 3 Wed $1M (-1%), Thurs $864K (-15%), Cume $9.8M

Going into the first turn, animation hybrid Avatar continues its rampage at the top of the field, while its Fox hybrid cousin Alvin climbs past the master sleuth. The chipmunks have now earned themselves $120.7 million..

Downfield, hand-drawn The Princess and the Frog collects $2.6 million (a 21% drop, less than Alvin's 26%) and now has $76 million in the money bag.

Add On: Box Office Mojo brings us the Friday results.

Alvin and his friends have slipped back behind the English detective, and now stand at $133.4 million. And TP&TF is an eyelash under $80 million, cantering along in seventh place.

Add On Too: Animation hybrids Avatar and Alvin maintain their positions at the front of the field, coming in first and third as they rack up totals of $352.1 million and $157.3 million. (Rupert and Co. are enjoying a golden holiday season.)

In 7th place The Princess and the Frog had the strongest bump (11.2%) of any feature in the Top Ten. Princess has now raked in $86 million, ten of those millions this weekend.


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