Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farewell, Jack: part 7

Our last post of the MegaCollector's offerings of artwork from Disney artists wishing a fond farewell to Jack Fergus, includes an entry from a longtime Disney veteran ... and another from someone whose identity has us stumped.

Below, from the late Art Stevens:

This last one is just about my favorite of the bunch and also the favorite of the Megacollector. It's signed "Effingham Howard Warner IV" (or maybe "Wagner"), but we have no record of any member by that name or anything close to it. So it's probably an in-joke made-up moniker ... anyway, we leave you with the mystery: who's the artist?


Hans Perk said...

On July 25th, 1946, a Howard Warner shared room 1A-1 with Art Camargo, William Southern and P. Williams.

A-wing at the time mostly housed effects animators and assistants. We find Retta Davidson, Brad Case, Joseph Sabo, Jack Boyd, Sandy Strother, George Rowley, Blaine Gibson and Frank Onaitis.

Jack Fergus/Ferges (as he is called in the 1957 WDP directory) was not there at the time, though. According to Alberto Beccatini he was Art Stevens' assistant and worked at Disney's around 1956-58 before he became a designer at WED. Ed Aardal's drawing is dated 8-18-46, though! The drawing may have been made in that period! Did he leave and then come back???

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