Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Croods Move Along

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that more voices have been cast for the new Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco picture about cave people from the olden times:

Catherine Keener and Emma Stone are going to be hanging around with some real Neanderthals.

The actresses are joining the voice cast of DreamWorks Animation’s caveman-era comedy “The Croods.” Nicolas Cage already has been cast as Grug, the patriarch of a family pushed out of its home by an earthquake ...

I've chit-chatted with a few artists on the picture, they tell me that Mr. Sanders has been running himself ragged working on The Croods while still doing publicity work for Dragon. "He's off to Japan for a new opening," a staffer told me, "In between all the premieres he's writing on the script. We had some sessions blocking things out, but he's been pretty stretched ..."

By and by, the globe-trotting will end, and Mr. Sanders will get to focus on the new epic.


Anonymous said...

"In between all the premieres he's writing on the script."

Say what? Sanders is writing the script?

What happened to the original script by John Cleese?

Cleese is a comedic genius.

Sucks if his script is toast.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they get someone who can tell a story with some semblence of structure, like Dean DuBlois can. Everyone knows writing/structure isn't Sannders' strength.

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