Wednesday, May 12, 2010


For the first time since I've been going up to the big yellow building next to the fabled Bob Hope Airport, there are artists working on the middle floor, sprinkled among the execs ....

They're working on a new show for (I think) the new Family/ Kids' Network called The Hub. Looks like a fun production, but since I haven't seen its title announced on the intertubes and I'm not keen on hearing some executive yell: "We haven't announced the show yet, you oaf, so keep your yap shut!" I won't reveal the title of the opus here.

Most of the crew are recent refugees from Warner Bros. Animation. As one board artist remarked:

"Almost all the people working here got laid off of Looney Tunes months ago, when they shut down the series to retool. We've been up here a couple of days, and should be working at least until September. The show does well, it could be a lot longer. We hope."

Meanwhile, things are still relatively quiet up on The Simpsons floor, and construction on Hasbro/Discovery's other floor continues apace.


Anonymous said...

"I won't reveal the title of the opus here."

Opus? So it's "Bloom County" then?

Jeff Harris said...

Is it Dan Vs.?

The Hub just revealed a slate of shows (originals and acquisitions) today.

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