Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wage Survey -- 2010

TAG will shortly be mailing out our annual wage survey, the better to help members and other workers in the Southern California animation industry know what salaries are happening in the business in 2010.

The survey questions (in case you don't get your very own paper copy of same in the mail):

1) What animated/CGI production were you most recently working on? (Theatrical feature; made-for-TV feature; direct-to-video feature; network TV series; syndicated series; cable series; commercials; interactive/ web; games; motion capture; other ...)

2) In what job category were you most recently employed?

3) What is (or was) your regular gross weekly pay (before taxes, 401(k), withholding, bonuses, etc. and not counting unguaranteed OT?)

4) What is (or was) your regular work week as required by your employer?

(Are you "on call" and/or on a "weekly guarantee" If so, how many hours per week do you work before OT is supposed to kick in? If you are paid overtime after 40 hours, check "40 hours.") -- 40 hours; 50 hours; 56 hours; other --

5) For which animation/CGI studio (union of non-union) have you most recently been employed?

We also asked: "If you worked as a freelancer (i.e. paid by a unit rate) within the last year, will you please quote the most recent prices you were paid or offered for production boards, scripts, outlines or synopses?"

We'll be putting up the formatted version of the survey on TAG's website in short order. (You'll find a pdf of last year's survey here.)


Ed Baker said...

This may be the single most important tool TAG offers but it's only as good as we decide it's going to be in how many of us send it back. The more we share, the more we know, the better our position in negotiating our deals.

Please consider the importance of sharing this information and send it in!

Jeff Massie said...

There was a few day's delay in mailing the surveys. They will be going out either today or Monday at the latest.

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