Monday, May 17, 2010

Helping writers get what they’re owed

We've been talking on the TAG Blog about the issue of foreign levies for almost as long as there's been a TAG Blog. Recently, we've been participating in settlement hearings regarding a lawsuit filed against the Writers Guild of America, west (WGAw) over the collection of foreign levies residuals.

Specifically, we’ve begun attempts to work with the WGAw to collect and distribute money from the European Union owed to animation writers, from a tax on blank videocassettes and DVDs on behalf of the “creative authors” of animated films and shows.

For years we have had an arrangement with the Directors Guild, which collects and distributes these monies on behalf of animation directors, and as a result many members and non-members have profited. Unfortunately, at least until recently the Writers Guild has been less cooperative in helping get these funds into the hands of animation writers and other non-WGAw members.

Now the WGAw has sent us a list of animation writers that may be owed some of this money. In checking the list against our records, we’ve found thirty-three names (see below) that we’re unable to contact, either because they’ve never belonged to the Animation Guild or because they’re inactive and we do not have a current address.

What we need is contact information – addresses, phone numbers and/or e-mails – for the persons listed, so that we and the WGAw can contact them and arrange for them to receive the funds they are owed. Some of these people may not, in fact, have written for animation, but we will work to get them in contact with the WGAw in any event. Please understand that TAG does not have records of how much money (if any) is owed to these or any other animation writers.

Please contact Jeff Massie at or (818) 845-7500 ext. 110 if you can be of assistance or if you have any questions. All information will be held in strictest confidence between TAG and the WGAw.

MISSING CONTACT INFORMATION Writers who may be owed foreign levies monies as of 5/14/2010

  1. Casey Alexander
  2. Berkeley Anderson
  3. Joel Barkow
  4. Keith Blocker
  5. Jeff Borkin
  6. Fred Brunish
  7. Peter Burns
  8. Sabatino Ciuffini
  9. Walter Coleman
  10. Jack Cosgriff
  11. Raven Farquhar
  12. Janet Greene
  13. Jeff Holder
  14. Peggy Holmes
  15. Scott Landis
  16. Phil Lorin
  17. Lisa Maliari
  18. Robert May
  19. Joseph Molinari
  20. Kiel Murray
  21. Larry Parr
  22. Anne-Marie Perrotta
  23. Jan Pinkava
  24. Michael Reynolds
  25. Carlo Romano
  26. Don Rosa
  27. Tony Schillaci
  28. Tean Schultz
  29. Michael Steinbeck
  30. Zach Stones
  31. Enrique Torres Tudela
  32. Kent Wadsworth
  33. William Winkler

NOTE: I've turned off comments on this post to emphasize that the contact information we are collecting will be kept strictly and totally confidential. Please contact us as specified above if you have information on anyone on this list. Thanks!

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