Thursday, May 06, 2010


Here's a series to keep your eye on:

... Comedy Central is developing "JC," a half-hour animated comedy in which Jesus Christ wants to get away from his videogame-obsessed dad and live in New York like a regular Joe. Expect religious and social satire. ...

Then there's the upcoming Cartoon Network series The Buddha, Surfer Dude

A fresh world of entertainment is coming our way.


Anonymous said...

Except for one thing… this isn’t their idea. At all.

They’ve blatantly ripped off an existing, online cartoon called “JFC”


Oh yeah, and JFC Show DID show Muhammad, uncensored and fully animated in Episode three… and didn’t curl up into the fetal position when it pissed off a few people.

Comedy Central = Fail

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Comedy Central blew any claim it had to being gutsy when it crumpled under pressure over South Park's depiction of Mohammed. And that makes their constant Christian-bashing even more obnoxious. Comedy Central is being run by hypocrites and cowards. Bad karma on them.

Anonymous said...

jfc isn't particularly original, either. And not funny.

But all organized religion is to be ridiculed, loudly and often. Be sure and check out Crumb's "Genesis."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Comedy Central is just as afraid to change their animation MO as much as Fox and their stupid family sitcoms. The Jesus vs. Santa Claus nostalgia is just to intoxicating to overcome. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Crumb's "Genesis" is a quite literal retelling of the first chapter of the Bible. It doesn't ridicule it at all.

Anonymous said...

The linked article titled "Comedy Central courts controversy with animated Jesus, dope and sex "

Oh, yeah, very controversial. Really edgy to mock Christianity. And jokes about drugs and sex . Oh, wow, so original.

Gosh, I wonder why Comedy Central doesn't cover all the bases and have some shows mocking Islam ?

(and of course everyone knows the answer to that , even if they don't want to publicly admit it . "The Religion of Peace" has ways of dealing with people who mock their beliefs and Comedy Central execs know that . The South Park boys have some balls, but Comedy Central execs have none. "I know: let's mock Christians. All they'll do is start a letter-writing campaign and throw petitions at us ." Oh, yeah, so edgy , so controversial ... )

yahweh said...

Yeah...Christians are so put upon. It must be tough living in a mostly Christian country

Anonymous said...

Mostly the "claims" about christian persecution in the U.S. are fake. They're content to home-school their brats with a limited--and false--world view which is no different than the home grown terrorists of other countries do.

Anyone who believes the world is no more than 5000 years old, that dinosaurs lived with humans, and some magical guy with holes in his hands who's gonna make them all zombies is CRAZY!

Not enough lions.

Anonymous said...

Another dumb move for comedy central which has been trying to be everything but funny.

Anonymous said...

I guess Comedy Central believes there's enough nitwits who will find this show amusing that it's worth the risk of offending millions of Christians.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah--the millions of "christians" who watch Comedy scott roeder, eric rudolph, and george alan rekers.

Steve Hulett said...

Bad karma on them.

Ah, a Buddhist, are you?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Christianity...I DO have a problem with its fundamentalists

Wonderful. Why don;t you add in what kind of car you drive and what size your pants are. Lets talk about stuff totally UNRELATED to the issue at hand.

I hate barking dogs and rainy days. What do you think about that?

Stick to the topic dope.

Anonymous said...

I'll talk about anything I want, topic nazi, and you'll suck it nice and slow. My comment had just as much to do with the topic as any other comment in this inane thread.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Pagan, and I'm tired of the heavy-handed Christian-bashing also, here and on TV. Although I'm no longer a believer, some of the best people I've ever met are Christians, people who use their faith as inspiration to help others. My best friend, someone who might be called a "fundamentalist", travels to Haiti every year to build and maintain orphanages and care for the poor and hungry (which constitute most of Haiti's population, unfortunately). Then there's the Salvation Army, which has been aiding the homeless for decades, long before Hollywood made it a fad. I think what most people who bash Christianity don't understand is that the reason Christians hate it when Christ is demeaned in the media is not because it threatens their faith, *but because they truly love him*. To them, it's like a member of their family is being insulted. And incidentally, because they believe in him, they're not going to retaliate with violence. IMO, the media's constant bashing of Christ is akin to a bully insulting a kid's mother, and that kid refusing to retaliate in kind despite how much it hurts.

Christian-bashing is very poor sport. And given Comedy Central's cowardly reaction to threats from some Muslims, it's certainly not exactly fair. And that's what I hate about it. Picking on Christians is a sport of cowards because MOST CHRISTIANS WON'T FIGHT BACK.

Give it a rest, people.

Anonymous said...

Time to pick on the Pagans...because they're mouthy and think they're holier than crap (or, at least, this schmuck does^)

Anonymous said...

Did you even read his post? He was being very nice and pretty even-handed about the whole issue.

Incidentally, I mostly agree its "bad sport" to make fun of christians on TV, but I also think it has deeper roots. Religion is evolving, and christianity (like it or not) is on its way out (some give it 200 years, max).

So it's natural for media/entertainers to ridicule it because its a rebellion against something they honestly believe is a hoax. I personally think its sad that people love jesus so much because its misplaced love. Christianity is often times more harmful to society than helpful. The day we figure out that building orphanages can be done wihout jesus will be a very good day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Do you even have a sense of humor....Jesus-H-effingChrist.

Anonymous said...

It didnt seem like you were joking. In fact, upon reading it again, it REALLY seems like you werent joking.

So I dont think anythings wrong with my sense of humor. You're just not funny.

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious to me (I'm not the same guy you're whining about) that you REALLY don't have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Ewww ... when did all the obnoxious 14 year old boys who just read a Richard Dawkins book for the first time migrate over to this blog from whatever dank hole of a gaming forum they formerly hung out at ?

Comedy Referee said...

With all the anonymous posts, its hard to tell who's yelling at who.

Let me say this from a 3rd party perspective: the guy who called the other guy a schmuck seems like he wasnt joking, and was being a dick.

And Richard Dawkins is brilliant.

The ref has spoken!

Anonymous said...

**Christianity is often times more harmful to society than helpful. The day we figure out that building orphanages can be done wihout jesus will be a very good day indeed.**

And does it really matter how and why those orphanages get built, as long as they get built? As long as the poor and hungry are helped? One of the most powerful teachings of Christ involved charity and compassion: "What you do for the least of these, you do for Me." How is that harmful? And who amongst us, religious or agnostic or atheist, have all the answers to the mysteries of the creation of the universe?

I think the agnostics have the most honest approach to those mysteries. Basically that approach is: "I don't know." It's the atheists and the fundamentalists who believe they have all the answers. How amusing that they seem to have so much in common!

It's true that Christianity and other religions have had some very dark moments in their history, but the same can easily be said about societies and political systems that eschew religion. Soviet Russia? Hitler's Third Reich? Red China? Those ring a bell?

Christianity, in my view, is worthy of respect because it has inspired great art, great music, great charity and great literature. It has helped heal individuals and families. It is not perfect because human beings aren't perfect. Those who do practice it imperfectly, those who are hypocrites and phonies, should be pointed out and rightly ridiculed and condemned. But dismissing the religion out of hand is extraordinarily narrow-minded. And that hardly infers intellectual superiority, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

People are bagging on christianity becauae rthey can. Because christians will turn the other cheek and the people mouthing off want oh so desperately to look edgy. When they are really just cowards.

If christianity was responsible for the naked ignorance and horrific violence that Islamists have perpetrated on the world in the last fifty years then you'd have a great reason to crow so loud. But you don't point your ire at that violence or that ignorance, because there is a chance that they will look for retribution.

So you save your criticism for christianity because its like making graffiti on the sidewalk with chalk. Someon might frown, but its safe to do. And you have your head down to the ground ignoring what goes on in the real world while you do it.


Anonymous said...

Im agnostic. In terms of god and the afterlife, its my position that I dont know, and most likely that no one knows (and maybe cant possibly know) any of those answers.

Im no coward, and Im not trying to be edgy. And in fact, I'd argue that Im more aware of whats happening in the real world since Im not looking through the christ-tinted glasses of christianity (or any other religion for that matter). When I see scientific progress halted because of christian-influenced policies, or birth control discouraged, or sexual child abuse ignored simply because a man in a silly hat claims to have the will of god behind him, I tend to have a negative opinion about organized religion.

And yes, some religions do good things. But you have to ask yourself, if religion isnt necessary for people to do good things, why is religion even necessary at all?

PS) A word to the wise, calling someone a wimp on an anonymous message board is the definition of hypocrisy. Plus its simply argumentative and doesnt support your case.

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise, calling someone a wimp on an anonymous message board is the definition of hypocrisy.

You are a wimp. By definition. Its self evident to anyone with a brain.

You ridicule and criticize the religion that tolerates criticism and you ignore and shy away from the religion responsible for present threats of violence to curtail freedom.

Its because of fear. If not that, then what is the explanation? Its clear as day to anyone who isn't a whiny wimp.

Anonymous said...

One thing that is indisputable, regardless of which religion you think is better, ALL stupid people and ALL angry and bigoted people ar e religious.
Now, before you freak out, I'm not suggesting that ALL religious people are stupid or angry and bigoted, just that those that are stupid, angry and bigoted are religious.

Anonymous said...

You ridicule and criticize the religion that tolerates criticism and you ignore and shy away from the religion responsible for present threats of violence to curtail freedom.

Complete bullcrap. The fundamentalists of both religions have no tolerance for criticism. Go to Ireland to see just how tolerant Christians are, even between their own internal factions. Go to the deep South with some darwin fish, or gay pride stickers on your car, and see the "tolerance" and "peacefulness" in action.

Extreme Christians like Tim McVeigh, Scott Roeder, Jim Adkisson, the IRA, the Hutaree family, etc. are precisely the Christian equivalent to extreme Muslim fundamentalists. The Southern Poverty Center counts more than 900 Christian extremist groups in America alone. Where you define muslims only by their extreme fundamentalists, you simultaneously define Christianity only by its moderates, while ignoring its fundamentalist extremists.

I give no pass to either religion's fundamentalists.

Anonymous said...

People aren't perfect and they never will be. Thats why HE came here. It's not about religion its about a relationship.

Anonymous said...

Go to Ireland
Thats not a religious struggle, it is a political one. By all accounts, Historians, political commentators, both sides etc.

"The Southern Poverty Center counts more than 900 Christian extremist groups"

Yeah, all those terrorist threats that culminated from jokes about christianity. Please.

Last time I checked, a cartoon abut Mohammed brought abut riots worldwide and a death toll of innocents. How many people will die from a joke about Jesus Christ? None.
You are trying to make a case and you are failing.

btw - McVeigh's actions were political not religious. You seem to have a real problem differentiating the few. In fact, you are just appropriating religion onto acts of violence to make up for the fact that current events stand in direct opposition to your allegations.

Anonymous said...

How many people will die from a joke about Jesus Christ? None.
You are trying to make a case and you are failing.

How many kids are raped by the catholic church?

Anonymous said...

People aren't perfect and they never will be. Thats why HE came here. It's not about religion its about a relationship.

You're delusional. And I know your first instinct will be to get defensive and angry, but Im saying it honestly and politely. You've been fed these lies all your life. Had you been born in India, you'd worship Krishna. In Iran, Allah. In ancient Greece, you'd have worshiped Zeus.

I highly encourage you to do some real, scholarly research about the origins of christianity and seriously reconsider whether or not its worth your time.

There is no hell.

Anonymous said...

I was there once too. Thats called freewill. He's given us a choice to choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

Whats called free will? What country you're born in? Get a clue.

I was once a devout christian until I learned better.

What do you think happened to the millions of ancient chinese people when they died? Did god tell them, "sorry guys, you were born and died before jesus went to earth, so you all have to go to hell (not to mention you lived tens of thousands of miles away from that area of the world). I know it seems unfair, but hey, Im god?"

Are you really that narrow minded?

Besides, how can you honestly claim to know what happens when you die? Have you died? Cmon, be rational!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time. People don't become religious because it's rational or otherwise. They do so because when they were four and impressionable, mommy told them it was true.

rufus said...

There's not a single shred of evidence of a gawd. There's not a single shred of evidence of a hell.
Not a single shred of evidence for a "divine plan". The christian doctrine makes no sense. The bible is full of inmoral behavior, often demanded by this divinity.(Colossians 3:22,Exodus21:4,Hosea 13:16,Ezekiel9:5) And its also full of predictions that never became fullfilled (Mathew 24:29-34,Ezekiel 26:15-21,Isaiah 17)

I'll remain a skeptic until a theist shows me the evidence.


Anonymous said...

hey Rufus,
since you like referencing Scripture, here's some verses for you:

8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.

18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

If you want "evidence", may I suggest you check out this site, there's an entire section devoted to answering skeptics' questions. You may find it helpful:

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