Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walt Scott and "The Little People"

Today's treasure from the Megacollector's vaults is from the pen of an artist who only spent three years in animation.

Click the thumbnail for a larger hi-res image.

Walt Scott (1894-1970) spent three years as a layout artist for Disney on "Bambi," "Pinocchio," "Fantasia" and "Dumbo". For most of his career he was a comic book artist for NEA and Dell, best known for his series "The Little People", which he drew and wrote from 1950 until his death.

Above is the cover art for the 1958 Dell comic "The Little People and the Giant". However, the cover is not by Walt Scott -- it's the work of another ex-Disney artist, Mel Crawford.

More about Walt Scott here, here and here.


Sparrow Sleeping-Fox said...

Walt was my great grandfather; it's really lovely to see people still are familiar with his work. My father (his son) has almost all of the original print runs of his comics (which were predominantly in the local newspapers), as well as some of his compilation & early, unreleased draft work.
We've also retained some original painting he did- I was surprised to see those some time back on the market as well- almost as pleasant as a surprise to see this post.
Thank you for sharing his work, and keeping his spirit alive- I am myself an artist (though in other mediums), and had it not been for him, I'd have likely assumed I was adopted :)

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