Saturday, August 07, 2010

The August Weekend Derby

The first full weekend of August, and we have ourselves some new leaders.

1) The Other Guys -- $13 million Friday -- $35.5 million cume.

2) Step Up 3-D -- $6 million Friday -- $15.5 million cume.

3) Inception -- $5.6 million -- $228 million cume.

4) Despicable Me -- $3.4 million weekend -- $210.7 million cume.

5) Dinner for Schmucks -- $3.4 million weekend -- $46.5 million cume.

Regarding Despicable Me: A commenter makes the point that Despicable Me isn't the first animated feature to sub-contract out its various moving parts. True enough. But it's the first animated feature to be resoundingly successful at it. (Hoodwinked would have to be counted a minor animated hit ...)

Add On: Box Office Mojo gives us the race at the wire:

At the back of the pack, 17th place Shrek Forever After has collected $234.5 million ... Toy Story 3 (#9) has earned $396.3 ... and Despicable Me is $10 million over the double century mark.


Anonymous said...

Actually in terms of pure budget to box office ratio, Hoodwinked is still ahead of Despicable me. Combining the domestic and foreign totals, Hoodwinked made 7.2 time the money spent on the budget. Despicable Me is only on 3.3 right now.

So Hoodwinked is still a much bigger success in terms of actual returns on the dollar spent.

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