Wednesday, August 04, 2010

No B and B 3-D for YOU!

I find this disappointing ....

Disney’s bumping “Beauty and the Beast 3D” from its 2011 theatrical lineup. ...

A shame, actually, because the 3-D conversion is good. Having watched the first act dimensionally -- and seen Disney employees working hard on it -- I think it should be released sooner rather than later. Of course, I don't have my eye on the Big Picture.

... [T]he campaign is really all about the eventual release of “Toy Story 3D,” “Beauty and the Beast 3D” and other converted animated features on Blu-ray disc.

It is, after all, about maximizing bucks, not getting the handiwork of dedicated artists before the viewing public. (I say this as someone who's not even particularly jazzed by dimensional cinema. I still think it deserves an audience prior to 2012.)


Anonymous said...

It's also likely that they read ONE Reporter article on "Fading interest in 3-D conversion", knee-jerk panicked, and decided to focus interest back into spearheading the Blu-3D movement that their Christmas Carol, Alice and TS3 were going to spur "singlehandedly".
(Disney prides themselves on having "sold" Blu-ray to a skeptical public where Sony didn't, and now plans to pick up Sony's slack on this new HT market as well.)

Which is not far from the truth...Also considering that their attempt to retrofit their animateds for IMAX didn't really work out for them after B&B either.

Anonymous said...

But it's hardly gotten started!
Remember How to Train Your Dragon and $20 + Ticket prices back in April? And there were promises of refurbishes of everything from B-movies to Beauty!

Adam said...


I was deeply looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen for the first time.

I just hope the supposed simultaneous DVD release is still on...

Adam said...

EDIT: Never mind, I just read the last part of the article more closely.

Anonymous said...

Save your eye strain and save your money

Anonymous said...

----Remember How to Train Your Dragon and $20 + Ticket prices back in April?

A VERY good point!
Has anyone else noticed the out of control acceleration, not only in technology, but in the entertainment industry?
All this talk about shortened deadlines for artists in production, etc., etc.?
Pay more attention folks....this trend is NOT going away. It will get MUCH least until the cash paying public starts to notice just how far gone the quality is most everything they see.

Oh wait...I forgot. They'll just sucker desperate people over here to TRAIN everyone overseas more and more over the years and CONTINUE to exploit THOSE armies of low paid slaves, over and over for generations to come.

Never looks pretty bleak.

So what are YOU going to do about it?

Don't rock the boat or they won't pick you up for the next project or season..........OR join together (ALL AT ONCE) and FORCE the studios to comply with your wishes.


The STUDIOS did!


Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right. Its really easy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


"3D at the box-office : Down, Down,Down ..."

Anonymous said...

"3D at the box-office : Down, Down,Down ..."

...A rock lobster! ;)

Seriously, Disney included, there seems to be a LOT of 9/11 panic-press over the "fate of 3-D" suddenly coinciding with the box-office numbers for "Cats & Dogs 2"--
I don't know how many real audiences expected C&D2 to make money, or how many even knew it was in 3D to begin with, but the association sure seems to have left a gigantic Ground Zero crater in studios' minds.

What's worse is, the article automatically bases its data on the idea that Disney's Alice "created" the Dee rush after Avatar, and are mystified why nobody was able to "repeat the success"...Uh, there are a LOT of reasons why Alice made more money than it should have, and none of them have to do with the film or the glasses.
Basically studios are now getting the flipside of what they wished for--Now that "every" movie comes out in 3-D, it's evened the playing fields back to where they started, and audiences can now go back to avoiding movies that look crappy in the trailer.

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