Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Studio Rounds

Another day of 401(k) meetings (most remarkably well-attended, despite the roller coaster markets.) Today was the Disney Toons meeting, and afterwards, I strolled about to discover ...

The fourth Tinkerbell video feature is well into boarding, and the first feature of the new series is getting put up on story-reels, with a screening for John Lasseter sooner rather than later. (I'm hearing October.)

Meantime, production board artists on Jake and the Neverland Pirates -- one of the series at Disney TVA Sonora (the street in Glendale California, not the city in Mexico) -- are starting to cycle off the show as the first group of half-hours gets completed. Work on a new bundle of Mickey Mouse Club house episodes will be starting up in November.

Quick reminder: the next 401(k) enrollment deadline is next week, September 1st.


Junction Pointer said...

So what have they decided to call Disney Toons, now?

I heard the original proposal was too close to Walt Disney Animation Studios and Ed nixed it.


Steve Hulett said...

I hadn't heard that, so I really have no idea.

All I can tell you is they now have a bunch of projects in various stages of development.

Scrat said...

Talking planes project.

Talking boats project.

Talking trains project.

Sounds wonderful. BAAM! What was that? Oh, that was creativity shooting itself in the head.


Anonymous said...

When they stopped the DTV sequels at JL's request he needed to come up with a replacement for that cash-cow.
Tinkerbell retooled by JL sure didn't do it - maybe htese will

Clerical Era said...

The Tink series had done well and the stories are dramatically better than the Cheapquels. The problem is getting rid of the stigma that they gave the Disney name.

Anonymous said...

The Tink movies haven't done nearly as well as hoped and that's why they are scaling back their plans for them. They were in no way a successor to the cash cow the sequels were.
And despit negative feelings from the animation snobbery most children loved them and will probably remember them as fondly as some artists remember Scooby-doo and Super Friends and othe r sub-par naimted shows - despite their inferior storytelling and artistic quality.

The point is because of the underperforming Tink series JL has come up with wretched titles like Planes to replace the sequels. That division made a ton of money and often supported Disney Animation in a way that the features sometimes failed to do.
It doiesn't matter if it ruined your childhood memories or not - THEY brought in MONEY and Disney is a company that likes MONEY better than art.

Captain Obvious said...

Hint: They don't let you make a 4th movie if the other ones didn't do well.

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