Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Conglomerates That Maximize the Internet

The World Wide Web is a very tricky tool for our fine, entertainment conglomerates. On the one hand, it's a highway by which pirates can steal entertainment product and speed off with it. (Movie poaching, anyone?) But it's also a fine funnel by which corporations can suck money out of the pockets of youngsters eager for that online, gaming experience.

For instance:

This week, Walt Disney Co. formally unveiled its latest online community: World of Cars, inspired by Pixar Animation Studios' 2006 hit movie "Cars."

The Burbank entertainment giant plans to begin revving its marketing engine for the virtual world this month, with promotions appearing on Disney Channel and elsewhere. World of Cars is Disney's fifth online community — one that's designed to keep children interacting with Lightning McQueen, Mater and other characters from the movie until "Cars 2" is released in 2011 ...

Synergy, interactivity and cash flow. Magical concepts when you're working to maximize profits and reinforce brands and product lines. Disney has been making money from interactive on-line games for over a decade now. If anybody can make everything fire on all cylinders, the Mouse can.


Anonymous said...

Great comment, anonymous #1. My only complaint is that you didn't mention Vans.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Pixar's "Shoes"

Anonymous said...

What happened to anonymous #1?

Anonymous said...

He's at the shoe store.

(It was a spamer)

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