Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Studio Rounds

On my studio walk-abouts this week, there's the following:

At Starz-Film Roman, turns out it might not be S-FR much longer.

"We're told the company is close to a deal to sell the studio to a consortium of former Starz executives .... And the Simpsons unit is turning a profit" ...

Meantime, Simpsons employees tell me that their pace is a bit less hectic and the schedules aren't quite as tight. "We've reached an equilibrium that feels better. Maybe we've just figured out how to do things faster" ...

At Walt Disney Animation Studios, the Tangled clips playing on monitors in the entrance hall have gone from unfinaled animation to fully rendered scenes that look sun-washed and lush. (In other words, the visual are very pretty.)

I went through the first and second floors later at night and lots of people were at their desks working, every one of them collecting overtime (or so they said to me.)

At DreamWorks Animation, Megamind animation is in its last few weeks and overtime is abundant.

"We've got a hundred shots left and two weeks to go ..."


Anonymous said...

"their pace is a bit less hectic and the schedules aren't quite as tight."

This is because they are hiring more people back on the show! It has little to do with figuring out 'how to do things faster.' And they thought they could do the show with fewer artists and shorter production schedules?? Right.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the form execs are? There were quite a few of the years.

Anonymous said...

I heard it's John and Scott.

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