Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Late Summertime Derby -- Overseas Edition

Animation is no longer at the top of foreign box office, but nevertheless doing nicely.

Pixar/Disney's "Toy Story 3" in 3D continued to chug along after two-and-a-half months on the overseas circuit, grossing $12 million from 6,925 screens in 49 territories. The title is either No. 4 or No. 5.

Foreign cume stands at $580.6 million, making the animation threequel the fifteenth biggest offshore grosser of all time. Global cume is $984.3 million, qualifying "Toy Story 3" as the industry's seventh most popular title ever. ...

Still pumping after about three months on the foreign theatrical circuit, DreamWorks Animation/Paramount's "Shrek Forever After" in 3D opened in China, and generated an estimated $8.1 million from 923 situations. Weekend overall produced $11 million from 4,663 locations in 58 markets for a foreign gross total so far of $455.5 million. Openings in Greece and Italy are on tap this week. ...

Expected to rank No. 1 in its Poland opening is Universal's "Despicable Me," which generated $5.3 million on the weekend from a total of 1,735 sites in 25 territories. With more than 30 markets yet to play the 3D animation title voiced principally by Steve Carell has accumulated a foreign gross of $65.2 million ...

So the last three widely released animated epics, two created stateside and one with pre-production in California and production in Paris -- have now collected:

Shrek Forever After -- $693,224,000

Toy Story 3 -- $984,327,000

Despicable Me -- $295,933,000

Sit back and wrap your brain around the fact that three animated features from three different companies have made $1,677,846,933 in the last six months. Not bad for a type of movie few execs paid much attention to a generation ago.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget about "How to Train Your Dragon" which came out in March (also within the last 6 months). Its worldwide total so far is $487,981,000!

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