Friday, December 20, 2013

Back At DreamWorks Animation TV

Unlike DreamWorks Animation, which sits inside a Renaissance-style Italian village beside the L.A. River, DreamWorks Animation TV is housed near the top of a skyscraper next to the 134 Freeway. I bopped through the facility today and found a few things out. (Emphasis on few.) ...

The division now has around 80 employees, but that total will be going up as development and production of new series gets fully underway (this according to various execs):

"We'll have a little over 300 employees when all the series are going. We'll do five series in 2015, five series in 2016, 5 series in 2017. And there will be other series after those. ..."

"Jeffrey Katzenberg came by earlier in the week to look everything over. He likes the way the space looks, the way it's laid out. He's sorry he doesn't have offices up here. ..."

DreamWorks Animation TV will be operating from two floors when its buildout is complete. I keep encountering former Nick staffers every time I stroll around. Mark Taylor has lost his chin whiskers. Jeff DeGrandis is as upbeat and ebullient as ever.


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