Sunday, December 22, 2013

Race For The Little Gold Man

Deadline has a long article on the animated features at the front of the stampede for this year's "Best" oscar. They sum it up (in the first sentence) this way:

The race for best animated feature is usually fairly easy to predict. With a few exceptions, you can always count on Disney/Pixar to win or place. The studio has had a pony on this track nearly every year the category has been in existence since 2001 (when DreamWorks’ Shrek became the inaugural winner). ...

Shorter Deadline: "Gonna be Disney. Outside chance it's Miyazaki. But most likely Disney."

Me, I think the odds-on favorite will be Frozen, though whichever feature wins the Annie will have a fine pole position. Miyazaki's already won a Little Gold Man.


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