Thursday, December 05, 2013


Front row: Nathan Loofbourrow, Cathy Jones, Nicole Dubuc, Bronwen Barry, Jan Browning, Gordon Kent, Jeff Massie.
Back row: Karen C. Johnson, Jack Thomas, Mike Roth, Dave Thomas, Janette Hulett, Steve Hulett, Larry Smith, Bob Foster, Robert St. Pierre, Chris Simmons, Russell Calabrese, and John Cataldi.

Tuesday night, the Animation Guild had a change of officers and executive board members.

Nathan Loofbourrow, TAG's Vice-President, took the reins as President from outgoing Prez Bob Foster (who steps back onto the board.) New board members Rusell Calabrese, Bill Flores, Robert St. Pierre enter, while board members John Cataldi, Mike Roth, Chris Simmons and Eugene Son departed. Long-time Sergeant at Arms Jan Browning also stepped down. ...

We combined the regular Executive Board meeting with an installation dinner at the Smokehouse Restaurant. There wasn't quite as much ground covered as normal, but it was close.


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