Sunday, December 29, 2013


Walt Disney's "Frozen" continued its own remarkable performance at no. 2 as the princess tale cornered the market as the no. 1 choice among families for the holidays. The best animated Oscar frontrunner came in at no. 2 jumping a staggering 46% in its sixth weekend for another $28.8 million and $248.3 million to date. "Frozen" is already Walt Disney Animation's highest grossing movie after "The Lion King" and could knock Pixar's "Up" for no. 7 all-time. Overall, a huge win for John Lasseter and the Mouse House.

Yang ...

Disney made a Pixar spinoff that was the worst thing ever to wear Mouse ears. ...

"Planes": Disney's worst animated film ever was shipped to theaters on John Lasseter's watch, Pixar cultists. Chew on that.


Isn't the Associated Press having amnesia about The Black Cauldron?


Unknown said...

If I had a choice of which film to watch again, I'd rather watch The Black Cauldron than Planes. Planes was insipid, had strange edits and continuity problems, and was almost unwatchable. The Black Cauldron is a mess, but has some fleeting great moments. It makes you wonder what if--what if Disney had put a young director in charge?

Floyd Norman said...

The Black Cauldron was an incredible mess. I believe the directors were, Ted Berman, Rick Rich and Art Stevens. Stevens was eventually edged out and left the studio. One can't help but wonder what if Tim Burton had been pegged to direct? Or maybe Ron and John. Actually, anyone else would have been a better choice.

Steve Hulett said...

Floyd, your beliefs are right on the money.

As for Mr. John Musker: He was, initally, one of "The Black Cauldron's" directors.

As I related elsewhere around here, John was pushed overboard by the "Cauldron" producer and other directors and ultimately moved on to "The Great Mouse Detective"/ "Basil of Baker Street."

I understand he directed some other Disney features after that. And that the company was pleased with their grosses.

Unknown said...

I honestly think Chicken Little & Home on the Range are far worst than The Black Cauldron. And if you want to talk about poor boxoffice intake, I give you Treasure Planet & it's $38 million
domestic gross back in late 2002.
And don't get me started on The Princess & the Frog, the film that many have said "killed 2D Animation" at Walt Disney Animation Studios! The Black Cauldron's failure is laughable compared to these.

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