Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Grudge Match

Stan Lee Media -- no longer controlled by Stan Lee -- refuses to stay down for the count.

The mantra over at Stan Lee Media Inc must be “if first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Certainly that is its legal strategy. Almost three months after a federal judge in Colorado granted Disney’s request for dismissal of SLMI’s multibillion-dollar Marvel superhero copyright suit, the company is back in Pennsylvania court this week claiming it owns the rights to Spider-Man.

I doubt that Stan Lee Media has much of a chance with this. (Like maybe a snowflake's survival chances in a smelting furnace?) But that doesn't prevent the company attempting a do-over in another court. What do you think the odds are that SLM will prevail in front of the Supremes? Given the SCOTUS's corporatist leanings, I would say nil.

But hey. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

(Marvel/Disney informed me a few days ago that it hadn't made up its minds about doing a fourth season of the animated Spiderman. Somehow I don't think this revived lawsuit has any impact on their final decision.)


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