Monday, December 16, 2013

In and Around Disney Toon Studios

One side of Disney Toon Studios (on Sonora Avenue in the industrial section of Glendale) has a crew of artists working on Planes.

They're doing fine.

"We've got a wider screen this time, which is good, because we've got bigger planes. ...

But then there is the dwindling Tinkerbell crew on the other side of the big lobby ...

They are not so happy.

As related earlier, the run of Tinkerbell direct-to-video features ends at six, and most of the crew will soon be let go. (Departures range from "a month from now" to "late next Spring.")

So today I spent time explaining how long health coverage will last after layoff (12-15 months), how many qualified pension years needed to vest for the retirement plan (5 years for a monthly annuity; one year for the lump sum), and telling people where to look for jobs (everywhere. But DreamWorks Animation TV is one likely place to start.)

Here in the present era, there are a number of animation jobs, but turnover can be brisk.


Unknown said...

Tell us about Moana!

N/A said...

Why do they have to let go of the Tinkerbell crew? Can't they just reassign them to other projects?

Don't they have a new 'girl' franchise to replace Tinkerbell?

Anonymous said...

What about Tinker Bell shorts? Will they keep making those?

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