Thursday, December 04, 2014

Disney Frolic

The Mouse touts its cable winners.

'Star Wars Rebels' and 'Gravity Falls' Power Disney XD to Its Biggest Month in Primetime in Its Over 15-Year History in Boys 6-11 and Its #3 Month Ever in Boys 6-14 and Boys 2-11

Fueled by original animated series “Gravity Falls” and “Star Wars Rebels” – the network’s Top 2 series of the month across-the-board – Disney XD recorded its #1 month in Primetime in the channel’s history in Boys 6-11 (136,000/1.1 rating) and its #3 month of all time in Boys 6-14 (174,000/1.0 rating) and Boys 2-11 (164,000/0.8 rating).

Disney XD out-performed Nicktoons by double-to-triple digits across the board: Total Viewers (+23% – 417,000 vs. 339,000), Kids 2-11 (+23% – 230,000 vs. 187,000), Boys 2-11 (+22% – 164,000 vs. 134,000), Kids 6-14 (+49% – 238,000 vs. 160,000), Boys 6-14 (+49% – 174,000 vs. 117,000), Kids 6-11 (+43% – 183,000 vs. 128,000) and Boys 6-11 (+43% – 136,000 vs. 95,000). ...

On a related note, I visited Disney's Hat Building this week and found most everybody boxing up personal and work items for the move to Disney Toon Studios in Glendale and another structure west of the Bob Hope Airport in Los Angeles ... because interior demo of the Hat Building will commence soon. One Hat Building resident related:

The DTS [DisneyToon Studio] building is nice, but the other place? By Bob Hope Airport? It's pretty much a warehouse. It used to be occupied by Walt Disney Imagineering and the Disney Company owns it. People aren't going to have a lot of room over there. And the heating and air-conditioning will be a challenge. ...

I wouldn't know about these things, but the staffer has been through the building with other employees, so I guess he's up on his work space issues. As another artist said: "They tell us we'll be off-site fifteen months. People who end up over near the airport will probably be happy to come back to the Hat."

A veteran I talked to about the move said: "Whatever the Imagineering building is like, it can't be any worse than the buildings on Flower Street, when we left the lot in the eighties. Those places were dumps."

Having been in the Flower Street facilities back in the day, I can't disagree.


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