Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Your Cartoon Cable Ratings

They explain why there's so much television animation work.

... Last Monday's episode of TBS's American Dad! averaged 1.3 million viewers in Live + 3 delivery, with 949,000 adults in 18-49 and 550,000 adults 18-34. For the season-to-date, American Dad! is averaging a reach of 4 million viewers per episode for its premieres on TBS, encores on Adult Swim and multi-platform plays. ...

Cartoon Network dominated all television networks among targeted kids and boys on Thursday Night (6-8 p.m.), with its performance increasing delivery among all kids/boys 2-11, 6-11 & 9-14, ranging between 49% and 90%. The new episode premiere of original series Teen Titans Go! (6 p.m.) ranked #1 for the day among kids and boys 2-11/6-11, while original series Regular Show (7:30 p.m.) won the day among kids/boys 9-14. ...

there's been a steady expansion of television work over the last few years. Our fine entertainment conglomerates discover, to their delight, that there's a new wave of kids coming along, and fresh appetites for new series and newer characters. We've got more television production -- even with the competition of Canada and its subsidies -- than we've ever had.

How long will it continue? Only the Shadow knows, and he's not telling the rest of us.


David said...

And almost all of these popular animated TV shows are 2D which disproves the idea that "audiences don't want to watch 2D animation" . If that were true then no one would watch these shows.

Steve Hulett said...

A few years I noticed a pattern: TV Animation Studios jump into CG television animation. TV Animation Studios spend a lot of money on CG animation.

TV ratings are no better and often worse than hand drawn cartoon shows. TV Animation Studios throw CG shows overboard and return to hand-drawn shows.

It's a cycle that's been repeated multiple times.

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