Monday, December 22, 2014

Union Friendly

For the moment, anyway.

... The National Labor Relations Board and the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division ... spent the past decade largely crippled by congressional obstruction, first from Democratic majorities and then from Republican ones. Now freed from those obstacles — at least for the moment — and operating under Democratic leadership impatient to make up for lost time, these agencies are promoting workers’ and unions’ rights more aggressively than Washington has witnessed in a generation.

The changes seem part of a more general shift for the Obama administration — extending diplomatic recognition to Cuba being another — toward more progressive policies as it heads into its final two years. ...

I'm glad to see the NLRB more union friendly, also to have our idiotic Cuba policy die the death it so richly deserved decades ago. We trade with China, we trade with Vietnam, but Cuba is off the table because the Castro brothers suppress people (and Saudi Arabia doesn't?)

Happily, the older Miami Cubans who froth at the mouth at the mention of Fidel's name are dying off, and their children and grandchildren don't give two shits about Mr. Castro one way or the other.


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