Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guild Website Refresh

For the past few months, we've been working with OPM Design Group at putting a fresh face on the Guild website. The biggest design change was implementing a Responsive Web Design scheme which should give visitors the same experience on the site regardless of the device they use (from mobile to desktop computer).

We've also taken the opportunity to add some functionality to the site we hope you'll enjoy:
  • A Member Profile section exclusive to Guild members that lists contact points, features artwork and indicates if they're available for work
  • A Discussion Forum that will be open to the animation community, yet also have a "Members Only" section
  • An Online Store where clothing and other items featuring the Guild logo will be sold.

We hope to see the new site deployed within the first quarter of next year.

The Animation Guild Blog has been an ongoing project for the past eight-plus years. With the redesign, we'll be putting the blog more directly onto the union website. This means that, for awhile, there will be a blog under Wordpress and a blog under BlogSpot ... in two different internet locations. Don't know how long things will continue that way, but expect tweaks and changes as we travel along.

We now return you to your holiday activities.

-- Steve Hulett

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