Monday, December 01, 2014

Million Dollar Babies

Deadline tells us:

Here’s the latest development in the ongoing Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking ordeal:

The salaries of the company’s 17 execs who make at least $1 million a year apparently have hit the Internet. A spreadsheet was emailed out today that purports to list what SPE’s top brass pull down; it’s topped by SPE Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton and Co-Chairman and Motion Picture Group Chairman Amy Pascal, both checking in at $3 million per.

Sony Pictures Television President Steve Mosko is next at $2.8 million, followed by Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad with $2.35 million, the only other exec making north of $2 million. ...

Free enterprise, f*ck yeah!

We got a call today from a former employee of Sony Pictures Imageworks. He told me that his employee data has been compromised, and that files showed that were hours going from Imageworks to the Motion Picture Industry Health and Pension Plan.

I told him I didn't think that was possible, since Imageworks is non-union. But I suggested he'd better check with MPIPHP to find out what was going on. (Maybe hours were reported from Sony Pictures Animation by mistake?)

It seems a lot of Sony employee information could have been compromised. The question is, how much has salaries and financial records been thrown out there, and who, exactly, has been damaged? No way of knowing completely, but it looks like it involves a cast of thousands, including the Top Dogs.


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