Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Animation on the Continent

Not surprisingly, European cartoon studios shadow their American counterparts.

The leading players in the European animation market are France, Spain, Germany and UK. The strong European demand growth has mainly been in television and the growth in TV animation content demand has boosted the animation market. The average budget for European feature films is around 6 million euros and only a few have exceeded 10 million euros, which is about one-tenth of the budget of Hollywood blockbusters.

Animation studios in European countries such as France and Spain have emerged as the market leaders in Europe. This is in part driven by the proactive steps taken by the governments of these countries by offering a range of tax breaks. The European animation studios started partnering to produce animation content for Television. These alliances resulted in content suited for local population. This is particularly seen in countries such as France, UK, Germany and Spain.

However the European animated feature film industry is still has not achieved the popularity and global appeal of their American counterparts. ...

European animation has two things going for it. The first, shared with cartoon companies in the United States, is the warm updraft of rising demand where world audiences consume more and more animation. The second it has all to itself, and that's a plethora of Free Money.

Long live Free Enterprise.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Makes you wanna emigrate! My sis already has that chance!

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