Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Moving Past Animation

Richard Bazley is like a lot of animation talents I've known. A love of drawing propelled him first to commercials, then to a smash animation/live-action feature produced by Steven Spielberg, and after that to Los Angeles and the hand-drawn, long-form entertainments Pocahontas, Hercules and Iron Giant.

Richard worked as a supervising animator for both Disney and Warner Bros., but found (as others did) that changing technology required new skills. He learned Maya for Osmosis Jones, and those skills carried him through a string of live-action and CG features.

Today, Mr. Bazley focuses on live-action projects, with occasional forays into animation. The shifting currents of the cartoon business have carried him a long way from the sunlit shores of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Pocahontas.


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