Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Animation Resources

In 1982, UCLA design student Stephen Worth attended an event hosted by The International Animated Film Society: ASIFA-Hollywood. There he spoke with the organization’s President, legendary cartoon Producer, Story Man and Voice Artist Bill Scott. At the meeting, Scott described his plans to create an “Animateque” - a research facility for animation professionals and students.

Steve never forgot that meeting. “The resources weren’t there to pull it off during Bill’s tenure as President of ASIFA-Hollywood. A few years ago, I realized that computers had made organizing educational material much easier. The concept of a “digital Animateque” excited me. After 20 years as an animation Producer, Stephen Worth decided it was time to give back to the muse. He went to work full time at ASIFA-Hollywood to try to build support for Bill’s concept of the Animateque. “The animation business is in dire need of inspiration and new ideas. The technology is just a tool. The artist is the one who creates. We need to invest in artists.”

In January of 2011, ASIFA-Hollywood informed Worth that regrettably they were no longer able to sponsor his project. Worth wasn’t willing to let Bill Scott’s dream end there, so he scrambled to create a permanent organizational umbrella for the collection. He established Animation Resources, a 501(c)(3) California non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging animation education. The core of Animation Resources’ offerings is Stephen Worth’s valuable research and curation efforts and the generous efforts of the dozens of dedicated volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to creating this resource.

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