Friday, January 23, 2015

Family of the Future

Knock me over with a baby Volkswagen. A fifty-three-year-old TV series is new again.

Warners Bros is looking to turn the Hanna-Barbera series The Jetsons into an animated theatrical feature. The studio has hired Matt Lieberman to write the script. There was a flurry of rumors sometime back about a live-action version that might somehow involve Kanye West. Not sure what happened there, but I’m told that Lieberman is working from scratch on a fully animated version.

Warner Bros owns that library, which was acquired by Ted Turner before he sold his company to Warner Bros. Lieberman got the job after his script work on the animated Scooby-Doo movie for Warner Bros and Atlas that the studio has put on a fast track. ...

The Jetsons didn't last long in prime time during the early sixties, but the half-hours that got made, plus the fifty or so episodes produced decades later for syndication, have had a loong after-life.

Just because a script is being written, doesn't mean it gets the greenlight for production. If and when it does, I'm guessing Warners will once again go to Animal Logic in Australia. (With script, boards, and some design work done in California.)


Tim said...

Wasn't there an animated feature done in around 1990? If I recall, the theatrical release didn't set many box office records.

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