Monday, January 19, 2015

Editing TV Cartoons -- Part II

In this second installment of "Film Editing TV Cartoons", Robert Birchard describes Disney Television Animation's rapid growth and growing corporate structure. ...

TAG Interview with Bob Birchard

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Mr Birchard tells of meetings that didn't start until company executives had entered the conference room in the right pecking order, and a bureaucracy that became steadily larger as the division gained more success.

Note: You'll find the complete interview on video (above). The audio version is divided in half: Part One ran on October 16th; Part Two runs here today.

Robert Birchard, besides being a crackerjack editor, is a writer and film historian of the first rank. For instance ...

Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood

... Drawing extensively on DeMille’s personal archives and other primary sources, Robert S. Birchard offers a revealing portrait of DeMille the filmmaker that goes behind studio gates and beyond DeMille’s legendary persona. In his forty-five-year career DeMille's box-office record was unsurpassed, and his swaggering style established the public image for movie directors. DeMille had a profound impact on the way movies tell stories and brought greater attention to the elements of decor, lighting, and cinematography. Best remembered today for screen spectacles such as The Ten Commandments and Samson and Delilah, DeMille also created Westerns, realistic “chamber dramas,” and a series of daring and highly influential social comedies. He set the standard for Hollywood filmmakers and demanded absolute devotion to his creative vision from his writers, artists, actors, and technicians. ...

"Far and away the best film book published so far this year. . . . He [Birchard] had full access to DeMille's papers and records, and draws on this archival material like a true cinematic archaeologist." -- National Board of Review


Jonathan B said...

Dear Steve,

I didn't find another place to e-mail you a question so I'm leaving it here, could you please promote Kristen Schall to host the Annie Awards. No one has been announced as host and last year they said who was hosting in November. I think your slight push or mention might change that.

Steve Hulett said...

Not being a member of ASIFA, It's probably not appropriate for me to campaign for a host for the organization's award show.

But maybe somebody will see your suggestion here and think about giving Kristen the job.

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