Sunday, January 11, 2015

World Box Office

Animated movies continue to rake in coin.

Foreign Weekend Box Office -- (World Totals)

Night at the Museum -- $46,200,000 -- ($248,123,488)

The Hobbit -- $21,800,000 -- ($781,817,487)

Into the Woods -- $7,600,000 -- ($120,571,929

Exodus: Gods and Kings -- $15,000,000 -- ($231,752,105)

Big Hero 6 -- $12,600,000 -- ($408,958,958)

Unbroken -- $5,700,000 -- ($115,602,305)

Penguins of Madagascar -- $9,000,000 -- ($287,777,626)

Paddington -- %6,500,000 -- ($120,000,000)

As an entertainment journal notes:

... Big Hero 6 has become the 8th Walt Disney Animation Studios’ title to cross the $400M threshold at the global box office, with $214M domestically and $195M internationally for a total $408.96M. ...

Fox’s Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb unearthed $26.72M in its first China week. The final installment of the franchise opened in the Middle Kingdom last Sunday and played on 3,887 screens reaching the No. 1 spot and outpacing the last Night At The Museum by 287%. ...

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies entrenched for another $21.8M in 65 markets this frame. The international total is now $545.3M with China yet to go. ...

Paddington has already had successful runs in different overseas markets and now unspools stateside.

PoM has had solid openings overseas, and the pic should have global earnings over $300 million by the end of next weekend, and a couple of weeks after? It should pass Rise of the Guardians' $307 million total. Sadly, Penguins hasn't been a barn-burner in the U.S. and Canada; this, also sadly, is impacting the worldwide accumulation, but what can you do?


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