Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nervous Reaction

Yesterday, this:

... British Columbia's Finance Minister Mike de Jong says the province can no longer afford to keep the tax credits that draw film and TV-productions such as the box-office smash Deadpool at their current levels.

“We’re not prepared to see payouts grow at the rate they have. We have a balanced budget, but we have other priority areas that we feel we need to address on behalf of British Columbians.” ...

And now, this: ...

...The mayors of British Columbia’s two largest cities are reminding the provincial government of the economic benefits of film and television production and are urging Finance Minister Mike de Jong to be cautious about his plans to pare back production-sector tax credits the minister has deemed unaffordable. ...

There is NOTHING that sets corporate and municipal hearts all aflutter like the threat of taxpayer money being limited ... or worse, removed altogether.

Long live free enterprise! Up with rugged individualism! (And please let me know when you see either.)


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